Marketing Update – 17/4/17

Its now been nearly two weeks since we launched Fresh Baked Threads and sales have slowed down somewhat.

After the launch we made quite a few more sales, all from friends and family.

At the time of writing we have 171 likes on our Facebook page and 112 followers on Instagram, whilst this is really good growth and far more than we hoped for in our first few weeks we realise that we have probably reached a peak level of engagement within our own network of friends.

To try and grow our reach further we’ve just started running an ad on Instagram for three days at $5 a day, if we sell one shirt this should cover the costs of the advertisement.

We’re also reaching out to the people that have already bought t-shirts to post on their own Instagram to try and gain some traction in their networks as well. Similarly we have reached out to some models on Instagram to see if we can organise an affiliate code style promotion. Give them a code and for each person that uses their code they get a cut of profits. This means we can keep marketing costs down but hopefully still promote and get our name out there.

We are also considering printing a bunch of stickers and placing them around Brisbane and the university.